June 12th, 2009

Derro# opening day!

Hello my faithful beta testers!

Thank you for agreeing to test out my new program, Derro# (Derro
Sharp), a character record program for Dungeons and Dragon 3.5 This
program started on December 12th, 2008, 6 months ago, which I slowly
worked on over the course of just under 200 hours to bring it to it's
current point.

The goal of Derro# is to provide you with a free, easy to use, yet
robust tool to help you track your character in D&D.

Please find and download Derro# at www.derrocreations.org. While you
are there, please sign up for the Derro# forums so that you will be
able to post bugs, submit feature requests, and share your builds with
the rest of us!

When in Derro#, you can find basic instructions for it's use under
Help > Basics.

As this is an open beta, please feel free to share this program with
your friends, family, your neighbor's dog, anyone with a computer!
Make sure they sign up on the forum too....I want to make sure
everyone has a chance to request additional features or point out
bugs. This program will not get better without your help.

Thanks again for being my core group of beta testers. I look forward
to many many posts from all of you.

See you in the forum!

Jeff Demers