Jeff (tobyspit) wrote,

School this semester rocks. I feel like I am the king of all of my classes. Even in my networking class where I, as a programmer amongst networking gurus, should find myself lost admist a wash of complicated theories and technical know how, I am instead finding myself outpacing most of the class with my mad binary decoding skills and router finesse.

So here's something awesome. Last half I pumped probabley around 50 hours in my final project for Visual Basic. It never really got boring, but I kept getting sidetracked by web projects I would rather have done.

This semester, however, I have final projects in both ASP.NET and Visual Basic, which allows me to flex my mad web programming skills in addition to pumping out a cool, retro style dungeon crawl adventure in VB.


Frog's Unlimited

Using the visual studio interface, I have to complete a list of requirement's while making a Business website. The business can be anything I want. And so I'm making "Frog's Unlimited," an online store owned by one Mr.Frog, artist extrodinaire. Throughout his travelers around the world, the eccentric Mr.Frog has mastered not only several styles of art and sculpture crafting, but also the art of Umbrella and skateboard making. Art pieces unto themselves, Mr.Frog's umbrellas and skateboards and both colorful and whimsical, and are as durable as they are beautiful.


Heroes (working title)

Using the visual studio interface, I have to complete a list of requirement's while making any sort of program I desire. I've decided upon a first person shooter type of game where, much like Dungeons and Dragons, you have a set of stats that you can beef up with magical items that you find along your way. The main portion of the game is navigating through the Laberynth of the Lost God, where the hero encounters a slew of monsters. Everytime the hero enters a room, a percentage will be rolled to see if a monster will appear, and, if so, a percentage is then rolled to determine which monster it will be. If the monster rolled is four levels greater or lesser then then hero, the game rolls again.
The graphics of the game will be simple. Each room will pretty much look the same, and each monster will have a set of three graphics to encompass the three actions it can take.
1.Sit there when it's not it's turn
2.Get hit and show pain
Combat will be turned based.
The game ends when you escape the maze. A random maze is picked each time (i'll have two of them to start.)

So I'm almost done the Frog Unlimited one, and I have the character creation pretty much complete for the Heroes game. I might scratch that part though and just drop you right into the game, kind of like doom does. I don't know if it will encompass all of what I wrote there, but last semester, when I set my sight really high for my DND character roller, I ended up getting most of what I wanted done. Impressive, I think.
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