i love to move

i don't know why, but every 6 months or so i start getting the itch to run.

doesn't even have to be far. I just love to move.

My next move will put me further south, i think.

At the end of august

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It's not complete yet, but this is the general idea. I'm also going to put a choose you're own page style at the top of the page, with three or four styles in addition to the default one, and maybe I'll throw in a session variable so it'll remember what you chose last time you were there (assuming that you don't clear your cache in the meantime.)

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been thinking a lot about dogs.

when i move out of here in sep, i'm moving in somewhere where i can get a dog.

i don't know if I'll have a roommate, or be living alone. most likely a roommate.

I want a bordercollie/lab mix. I love border collie's because they are adorable and have lots of energy, and the lab mix will hopefully tone down her barking habits a bit.

So cute!

I want a girl.

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a thought

when you ask people what kind of music they like best, and they respond, "everything," that usually means :

1. shitty pop music.
2. they are afraid of offending anyone with their opinion
3. they have no clue what music is.

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